What is a Webinar Software/Webinar Application? Best 3 in the world.


A webinar is basically a mixture of the two words web and seminar. Webinar software/application runs this online video conference meeting/lecture. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most colleges and Schools use this software. It’s better to define it as a lecture, live presentation (PPT), meeting, or live event that is conducted totally online and attended by an audience.

The software/application that is used to run and organize a webinar is called “webinar software/application.” These applications help you make your webinars more communicative, engaging, unique, and flexible.

webinar software


Its unique function is this webinar application is very customizable and allows users to modify the webinars according to their requirements. With this technique, you can even add a personal touch to your webinars. So more engaging with the audience and question-answer sessions are also available. So the audience can ask questions and experts give answers also. It’s like one-to-one interaction and multiple people take benefit also.

Software listing

Many Webinar Applications availed on the market. Like. Zoom, Cisco Webex, Webinarjam, GoogleMeet, JioMeet, Easywebinar, Gotowebinar, Webinar Ninja, and many more.

Many software gives free of cost services like google meet, Jio Meet, Etc. and some give limited functionalities free of cost. If you want more then purchase the paid version. Nowadays its demands are high due to the corona pandemic and lockdown.

Where does it use?

Many institutes organize webinars, workshops, training programs, Etc. Some of the upcoming webinars details are available on our page. You can visit it.

3 Great Benefits of Using Webinar Platforms.

There are several benefits of using webinar applications to host meetings or presentations.

Here are some most useful benefits mentioned over here:

1. Webinars Are Cost-Effective.

Webinars definitely provide an online audience of targeted users. Contrasting webcasts, there are no physical places needed for everyone to join.

Therefore, you don’t require to pay for several of the things a physical seminar would require, like booking a hotel or needing some big areas and arranging for chairs.

Interested audiences don’t have to pay much (if the below-mentioned requirements) to attend these online webinars, and they make brilliant commercial sense for them, too.

Requirements for Webinar/online meeting

  • A webcam (external, not available on the computer).
  • A script with subjective content (Engaging audience).
  • A good internet connection with speed.
  • A set of interested audiences.
  • Good webinar software as per audience strength.
  • The external microphone or just an internal computer microphone.
  • Guest speakers or Experts and assistants with expertise.

2. Wide Audience.

Using applications to create your webinars and help many people who are interested in this particular topic or subject. You can advertise through social media or websites. Facebook allows you to make a Facebook group for a particular community interest-based. And you can reach out to a wide range of audiences.

It’s very helpful for small enterprises and budget problems to organize physical seminars.

3. Transport Cost

Use the software, at no cost to your audience, and connect with the audience to various locations in the world. No going to any specific place and taking a webinar or participating in the webinar.

If attending seminars in different counties so transport costs are high as well as living costs and all. But webinars do need that type of expense.